Adur District Council rejects second major housing development in last month

A second major housing and development on a key site in Shoreham has been turned down by Adur District Council's Planning Committee in less than a month.

Plans to turn the site in Brighton Road into an apartments and business space has been rejected by Adur District Council's Planning Committee.

The application was made by developer, Shoreham Brighton Road Limited.

The plans had sough to create 80 one-bedroom and 103 two-bedroom apartments.

Different plans to build 21 townhouses and 24 flats on the nearby Howard Kent site were also rejected earlier this month.

Councillor Steve Neocleous, Adur District Council's Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Strategic Planning, said:

“While there is a real need for more housing in Adur, and in particular affordable housing, this has to be done sensibly.

“Each development is looked at on an individual basis and this one was rejected due to its height, scale and density. Infrastructure concerns clearly played a part, too and rightly so."

Cllr Neocleous added: “We will continue to work with and put pressure on West Sussex County Council to ensure that, moving forward, it helps us to improve the area's infrastructure, as well as trying to ensure that enough thought goes into providing enough school places and GP/Dentist options in light of any potential future plans for development in the Western Harbour Arm.”


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