Teachers' decision to strike is "deeply disappointing", says Gillian Keegan

Image credits: Gillian Keegan, Twitter

The Chichester MP and Education Secretary says "it'll have an impact" on children's education

Chichester MP and Education secretary Gillian Keegan has called plans for teachers to strike “deeply disappointing.”

It follows news that teachers who are part of the National Education Union will stage 7 days of walkouts throughout February and March.

Speaking in a video shared on Twitter, Keegan added that "it's only one union that's voted to go on strike and it's really disappointing with only 53% of their members actually responding."

The decision to strike was made by 300,000 members of the union - who are wanting to make a stand against what the NEU are describing as a "toxic mix of low pay and excessive workload."

In the video, Keegan also reminded the union that "we're still trying to catch up" on school missed during the pandemic. 

"The very first thing I did when I first came into office is I received a letter from all the unions asking for £2 billion of additional funding for schools. 

"That is what we announced in the Autumn statement - exactly what was asked for, is exactly what we delivered on."

Joint secretaries of the union Dr Mary Bousted and Kevin Courtney shared in a statement that "teachers have lost 23% in real terms since 2010". The pair elaborate that the 5% pay rise of teachers is "some 7%" behind inflation. 

Continuing her thread, Keegan said: "We've awarded teachers the highest pay rise in 30 years, and we've already met the unions' request for an additional £2bn in school funding, which will take real terms spending on schools to its highest level in history.

"Talks with union leaders will continue this week."


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