Steve Freegard

Steve Freegard is your 'bookends' of the weekend! Every Friday from 7pm he brings you the Warm up to the Weekend - the perfect combination of chat, music & features to get you ready for the weekend. Closing out the weekend on a Sunday from 7pm, Steve invites you all to join him for The Lock In at 'The Downlands Arms' - just like you're down at your local with your mates, setting you up for the working week!


Where in West Sussex are you based: Tangmere

Musical taste: I've got a very broad taste in music, I can't pick a favourite!

How long have you been involved in radio: I've done Hospital Radio for around 16 years but commercially for only 3 years.

Best radio experience: Local radio day last year, going around the county collecting lots of tins and witnessing the incredible generosity of our great community.

Favourite part of West Sussex: I love the view from the Halnaker Windmill on a nice clear day.

What excites you about V2 Radio: We are bringing Proper Local Radio back to West Sussex, championing local issues and causes and providing some community spirit once again!


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