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The Secret Sound


V2 Radio brings you the Secret Sound, With Easy Bathrooms... Showrooms across Sussex find your nearest online at easybathrooms.com

Each weekday at 7:45am and 4:45pm you have the chance to win £3,000 with 'The Secret Sound'. Identify the sound correctly and the money is all yours PLUS - Easy Bathrooms will give you a £100 voucher to spend in store too!

Prize total £3000

Take a listen...

To play just call the studio at 01243 963960 when the lines open before each play.

Here is the list of the incorrect answers that have been g iven - just to give you a nice helping hand...

  • Jamie in Barnham - Changing the cord or blade on a strimmer
  • Lyn in Chichester - Finishing on a skateboard, flipping and catching it
  • Steve in Haslemere - Opening a can of Corned Beef with a 'Key'
  • Sharon in Havant - A shop pricing Gun  
  • Graham in Tangmere - A Sash Window opening or closing
  • Nigel in Chichester - Balls being potted on a Bar Billiards Table
  • Kerry-Ann in Felpham - A Fuel Pump
  • Linda in Bognor Regis - A Pot Noodle being opened
  • Chirstine in Pulborough - A Christmas cracker
  • Pat in Barnham - Dominos being knocked down
  • Chris in Bognor Regis - Changing a tube in a silicone gun
  • Andrew in Arundel - Taking a battery out of a charger and placing it into a power tool
  • Kim in Bexhill - A Card Game Table being used
  • Nigel in Chichester - An air pump drain unblocker
  • Arthur in Barnham - An Advent Calendar opening or Closing
  • John in Bognor Regis - A letter stamp
  • John in Bognor - A pack of cards being shuffled and dealt
  • Craig in Littlehampton - A wind up electric cable
  • Kim in Bexhill - A Bank Vault being closed
  • Nick in Chichester - A ten Pin Bowling machine Resetting
  • Janet in Chichester - Opening a Padded Envelope
  • Bella in Chichester - A security lock being opened or closed
  • Mick in Bognor - The Extending Handle on a Suitcase
  • Sharon in Worthing - A Hoover Wand attachment being clicked into place
  • Pat in Barnham - Dealing Casino chips
  • Kim in Bexhill - A Horse Paddock gate Opening/ Closing
  • Heather in Southwater - An Automated Bin Lid
  • Nigel in Chichester - A Toy Gun firing Ping Pong Balls
  • Bill in Pulborough - Chopping a Cabbage quickly
  • Sue in Westergate - Pulling a Plug from a Socket
  • Nigel in Chichester - Making a Cocktail
  • Jamie in Barnham - Opening and closing of a glove compartment
  • Janet in Chichester - Opening a Parasol/ Umberella
  • Sharon in Worthing - A toilet roll holder
  • Chris in Bognor - Changing the Batteries in a Torch
  • Andy in Chichester - table top bottle open
  • Deborah in Bognor - A Door Knocker
  • Sam in Bognor Regis - making toast
  • Alan in Southwater - Cutting a Butternut Squash in half
  • Sharon in Worthing - A shower head clipping into the holder
  • Jill in Middleton - A Photobooth Printer
  • Chris in Bognor - unscrewing a Detergent Washing Bottle
  • Rachael in Bognor - Cutting Rhubarb
  • Les In Bosham - Folding up a Workmate Work Bench
  • Debbie in Bognor  A Key turning in a Padlock
  • Dean in Easebourne - A Handheld Banding Machine
  • Steven in Chichester - A Table Tennis Robot
  • Pat in Barnham - A train ticket machine
  • Isobel in Tangmere - Someone Tap Dancing
  • Nigel in Chichester - Tidying away paper work
  • Janet in Chichester - Changing the bulb of a table lamp
  • Kim in Bexhill - A Cat going through a Cat-Flap
  • Graham in Eastergate - Starter cord of a Mower or strimmer
  • Sally in Bognor - A Jukebox selecting a song
  • Lesley in Eastergate - A Purdy adjustable roller
  • Kai in Crawley - Putting Money into a Gum Ball Machine
  • Samantha in Bognor Regis - A Tile Cutter
  • Paul In Bracklesham - Scrolling a Computer Mouse
  • Christine in Felpham - the Carriage Return on a Typewriter
  • Ryan in Crawley - a big (industrial) can opener
  • Rachel in Bognor - Cutting up a Pineapple
  • Jessica in Eastbourne - Double checking the car door is locked
  • Lin  in Chichester - Peeling Off Rubber Goves
  • Chris in Bognor - Opening and closing a filing cabinet
  • Sharon in Worthing - Putting a plug in the socket
  • Les in Eastergate - A Chest of Drawers closing
  • Gemma in Bognor Regis - Putting a fuel cap on
  • Lesley in Eastergate - A Pinball Machine
  • Nicola in Felpham - An old fashion answer phone tape recorder
  • Antonella in Chichester - Playing table football
  • Louisa in Horsham - An old fashioned credit / debit card machine
  • Christine in Bognor -  A Printer Ink cartridge being Installed
  • Les in Eastergate - A Nail Gun
  • Jane in Littlehampton - Tapping a pack of Playing cards and dealing them
  • Nigel in Chichester - A potato chipper
  • Andy in Worthing - Lining up a shot in a game of Tennis
  • Sharon in Worthing - A vending machine.
  • Kerry in Bognor - the arms on a sunlounger reclining
  • Les in Bosham - Closing/Locking a back door and pulling up the handle
  • Pat in Barnham - Someone coming in and wiping snow off their feet
  • Deborah in Bognor - A Shop Pricing Gun
  • Richard in Chichester - A cassette player coming to the end of play
  • Mark in Littlehampton - A Record Player dropping the record onto the turntable
  • Chris in Bognor Regis - Opening and closing a tape measure. 
  • Kirsten in Bognor Regis - Opening a delivery parcel
  • Sharon in Worthing - A Bathroom Light Pull Cord
  • Claire - using a Plunger
  • Les in Bosham - Folding a ladder or Stepladder
  • Andy in Worthing - Loading a shotgun
  • Chris in Bognor Regis - Locking a petrol cap
  • Sharon in Worthing - A One Armed Bandit Machine
  • Samantha in Bognor Regis - A lever arch file
  • Matt in Bognor - Opening or Closing a Blind
  • Sharon in Worthing - A professional coffee machine
  • Jamie in Chichester - Putting Utensils into a cake mixer
  • Tony in Angmering - Opening a cereal box
  • Andy in Broadwater - A DJ putting the needle on a Record
  • Ethan from Tangmere - A Paper Stapler
  • Gemma from Bognor Regis - Putting up an Ironing board
  • Nicky From Midhurst - a bolt on a gate or door
  • John in Bognor - a guillotine cutting paper
  • Sharon in Worthing - A Supermarket Till opening or closing
  • Nigel in Chichester - Ejecting a VHS Cassette tape
  • Kristen in Bognor Regis - Putting money into a pool table
  • Andrew from Broadwater - Opening a bottle of sparkling wine
  • Kirsten in Bognor - Popping a dishwasher tablet into the dishwasher compartment
  • Nicky in Midhurst - Opening or Closing a briefcase/ Suitcase
  • Nigel in Littlehampton - Something being posted through a letterbox
  • Andrew in Worthing - The chain lock on a front door
  • Les in Bosham - Closing a toolbox
  • Les from Bosham - Playing Squash
  • Kirsten in Bognor Regis - Putting a pod in a coffee machine
  • Nicky in Midhurst - loading a cassette or video into a player
  • Brian in Crawley - Cleaning the barrel of a rifle
  • Kirsten in Bognor - Shoehorning items into the freezer
  • Sid in Bognor - Paper in a Hole Punch
  • Andy In Slindon - Playing a game of snap (putting cards on the table)
  • Carol in Rustington - Emptying the water compartment of a tumble dryer.
  • Nicola in Felpham - Paper going through a Printer
  • Yvonne in Chichester - Someone Tap Dancing
  • Pat in Barnham - Paying a Parking Machine
  • Nic in Bognor Regis - A Cat Flap being opened or closed
  • Gemma in Bognor Regis - A Jack in the Box
  • Aaron in Littlehampton - The safety catch on a bottle of medicine
  • Kerry in Chichester - Opening a window safety catch
  • Sara in Petworth - walking to a door and posting something through the letter box
  • Chris in Broadwater - A front door and car door closing
  • Debra in Bognor Regis - Chopping Vegetables


Best of Luck! 


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